Alfa Romeo 4c Club Italia

Art on four wheels

Alfa Romeo 4C Club Italia is an exclusive model based on the 4C coupé, but with unique and extraordinary characteristics: materials, performance and small aesthetic details that make this car a true work of art on wheels.

Three elements that make Alfa Romeo 4C Club Italia different from the others?

The captivating design roof, the carbon fiber headlight housing and the Akrapovic central titanium exhaust.

Italian pride

Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Center (Alessandro Maccolini-Emanuel Derta) together with the Club Italia, the Alfa Romeo 4C Club is a real tribute to the Italian motoring tradition. Club Italia enamelled badges, 4C Club Italia lettering on the sides and references to our flag on the headlights, which embellish and make it unique.

For a lucky few

Only 17 specimens of Alfa Romeo 4C Club Italia were produced, all intended for Club members.

Under the hood of this jewel, a 241-horsepower engine roars which, thanks to the use of light materials that allow the weight to be kept at 895 kg, push the car to 258km / h while ensuring powerful and modular braking.